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Luxury rooms are beautiful modern rooms in the brand new residence Luxury rooms Le Prestige, located in the center of Split, a few minutes from the UNESCO protected area and Diocletian's Palace. Split is the largest city on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea and the second largest city in Croatia. It is located between the rivers Žrnovnica in the east and Jadra in the north, encroaching on its peninsular part towards the west into the sea. It is bordered by the mountains Mosor in the northeast and Kozjak in the northwest. Promenades along the "Riva" sea make an ideal connection with the stone streets of the old town, spreading the spirit of the Mediterranean. The center of the city is Diocletian's Palace, which was built from 295 to 305 by the Roman emperor - the reformer Gaius Valerius Aurelius Diocletian. Modern architecture is wonderfully blended into top examples of ancient architecture such as the Peristyle, medieval Romanesque churches, Gothic palaces and baroque facades, allowing you to travel through time.

Le Prestige Luxury rooms Split Just beside Diocletian's palace walls!


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